Andreas Riegler


Andreas joined forces with Amadeus in 2023 and focuses on early stage deep tech investments with a special excitement for new developments in space technology and AI models across multiple industries. Andreas co-leads the Amadeus APEX Technology Fund. In 2017 he co-founded APEX Ventures, a Europe-based early stage VC firm, and is passionate about supporting portfolio companies at an early stage to help them find commercial traction and turn them into global organisations.

Andreas holds multiple board roles in portfolio companies including chairing the board of contextflow, a leading radiology AI company. Previously he led the management buyout of a leading Digital Games distribution company from Sony Corporation and led the team to a successful exit. As a senior executive at Sony Corporation in the US, the UK and Germany, Andreas helped establish a global technology service company from scratch that was later acquired by Deluxe Media Inc.

Andreas holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Business Administration from Graz University of Technology and also completed an International Business program at Harvard University. He is an active member of the Astronomical Society in Salzburg, Austria where he is involved in research and education.

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