Nick Kingsbury


Nick is a director on the boards of XYZ Reality, the company bringing augmented reality to the construction industry, Brytlyt, who have built the world’s most advanced data analytics and visualisation software, DirectID, the Scottish FinTech start-up whose products leverage the identity and data that customers have with their banks, and most recently Sitehop who have built a high bandwidth, low latency encryption appliance. He is also the investment manager for, who use AI to analyse billions of data elements on global trade to help governments, enterprises, and financial institutions understand risks and build better global commerce; and SandboxAQ, the acquirer of Amadeus portfolio company Cryptosense. SandboxAQ bring together AI and Quantum technologies for security, molecular modelling and other advanced applications.

Prior to Amadeus, Nick started his career with a UK software house before setting up his own software and consultancy company in the mid-1980s, selling the business to Staffware plc in 1996. From 1999 to 2007 he moved to the investor side of the table as Global Sector Head for Software for 3i plc. Since 2007 Nick has taken board roles, advised and invested in several technology companies including two public companies, Accumuli plc (sold to NCC Group) and Objective Corporation (quoted on the ASX) where he remains a director.

Nick is the Amadeus contact for