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Cambridge Touch Technologies

Cambridge Touch Technologies (CTT) was spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2012 to commercialize patented and AI-powered next-generation piezoelectric 3D multi-touch technology for smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, automotive and industrial applications. 3D Touch is the new mobile User Interface (“UI”), first introduced by Apple, which is now being deployed by all leading mobile device makers including Huawei and Samsung.

CTT’s technology is a combination of a specialized, flexible piezoelectric film sensor, together with advanced AI and innovative algorithms that deliver a multi-finger 3D touch solution using the world’s simplest architecture that can scale to all device sizes and shapes at a fraction of the cost of existing competitive approaches.

CTT technology delivers key benefits over competing 3D touch solutions and enables independent multi-finger sensing, longer battery life, and bendability that makes it uniquely suited to flexible OLED displays which are beginning to dominate the smartphone market.