Founded by Anne Glover and Herman Hauser in 1997, Amadeus now has a team of over 40. We invest in companies requiring early investment and growth capital that have the potential to become global champions.

For entrepreneurs

If you are considering approaching us for investment, here are the qualities we look for when deciding whether to back a company:

  • A great team

    Only great teams build great companies. We back first-time entrepreneurs right through to seasoned executives. We believe in the power of stars to attract other stars.

  • Competitive edge

    Only companies with competitive advantage survive and thrive. We get excited when we see something better, faster or cheaper than anything else on the market or in the lab.

  • Under-served customer need

    Great companies solve difficult problems for their customers in elegant ways or bring new utility to established markets. Be prepared to articulate the problem you are trying to solve or the un-met need you are serving.

  • Big, growing markets

    The bigger the market, the more room there is to succeed. When industries grow, more space opens up for innovation. We look for companies with billion-dollar market opportunities and tangible evidence of rapid sector growth.

  • Global potential

    Long-term success almost always entails cross-border expansion. With few exceptions, we back companies with the potential for global, not just local, adoption.