The visual data marketplace is exciting but there’s a lot of noise out there. In this video, Nick Kingsbury shares how Amadeus’ figures out which are the stand-out businesses likely to become category leaders.

Is the technology really unique? Is its end market large enough to support the growth of a valuable business? Can they attract the right team? These are some of the questions that the investment team asks when assessing an opportunity in the computer vision space.

Amadeus believes some core areas for investing are platform technologies, security applications, mobility, industrial processes and augmented reality.

We’ve invested in Pimloc, specialists in finding objects within video and redacting videos for privacy reasons and Sensity, which helps to locate fake content. We’ve backed autonomous vehicles technology provider Five AI and SLAMcore, which helps robots with spatial awareness in an industrial setting. Quibim identifies important biomarkers during the medical scanning process, while XYZ Reality’s augmented reality helmet is transforming construction planning.

Nick explains how we’re on the lookout for more and more inventive applications of computer vision.