Reading, writing, programming, and delivering bio are central themes for us at Amadeus. Being bullish on the possibilities that synthetic biology offers, we are convinced that the next decade will be transformational in improving human health and reducing our impact on the planet.

The very advancements in technology that have accelerated biological innovation have also changed companies themselves and the way technologies are brought to market. Rapid prototyping mindset and tech platform approaches are here to stay, shaking up a traditionally rigid industry once focused on single assets. Digitalisation is also enabling new opportunities to standardise, automate and industrialise biological processes. In other words, synbio and techbio have brought software, tooling, and engineering approaches to biology.

The latest addition to our bio portfolio fits squarely in that tradition.

ConstructiveBio’s ambition is to lead the way in recoding biology to design novel organisms, molecules, and products – by reprograming the fundamental protein translation process. Prof. Jason Chin and his team equip synthetic cells with the necessary genetic software to turn them into bio-renewable factories for producing novel molecules that nature could not make before. The platform enables the rewriting of a living organism’s genetic code, from scratch.

The new organisms use entirely reprogrammed genomes and deliver remarkable properties, including being resistant to a variety of viruses, programmable to make new synthetic products, or able to perform entirely new functions. With Constructive’s platform, we can explore chemical spaces previously impossible to access.

A technology such as CRISPR revolutionised bio applications by targeting individual genes and making small changes to genomes. Constructive goes far beyond this, providing the ability to rewrite genomes – at scale. Their technology is built to design and program cells to address issues from therapeutic design, industrial and environmental sustainability, food and agriculture, to consumer care and electronics. Their ambition is to support a circular, sustainable economy and helping to overcome global challenges

By investing in the space for nearly three decades, we have had the rare privilege of backing many trailblazers. We are humbled to join Jason, Ola and Daniel on this new journey down synbio lane. Constructive joins a portfolio of exceptional companies, which we’re proud to be part of, including OriBiotech, Nuclera, Epoch, Phoremost, Synthace, Xampla and Solexa to name a few.

We can’t wait to tell you what’s cooking at ConstructiveBio!

Co-authored by Pierre Socha.