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SLAMcore offers Spatial AI solutions for ground-based and flying robots. SLAMcore’s algorithms translate sensor information into spatial intelligence, closing the loop between perception and action for autonomous machines. Originally a spin-out from Imperial College, SLAMcore has a team of world-leading experts with decades of experience in delivering solutions for real-world applications. SLAMcore’s focus is on multi-sensor, on-board solutions with particular expertise in computer-vision and inertial based approaches.

SLAMcore’s product is software but in robotics it is essential to consider the full system. SLAMcore has a deep understanding of the interplay between software and hardware and works closely with its partners to help specify the full Spatial AI system including software, sensors and processor. It is through this system level design that SLAMcore ensures it delivers the right balance between performance and affordability.

SLAMcore provides the enabling technology for spatially aware products with a quickly expanding portfolio of supported applications. Through partnership with OEMs, SLAMcore will provide the core technology that will allow robots to become a meaningful part of everyday life.