Technology is continually reshaping industry, and construction is no exception. XYZ Reality, spearheaded by Founder and CEO, David Mitchell, stands at the forefront of this transformation, introducing Augmented Reality (AR) to the building sector, to tackle costly inefficiencies and errors.

In a riveting episode of our latest podcast, I had the pleasure to delve deep with David, unpacking the intricacies of XYZ’s ‘engineering grade’ AR headset, custom-tailored for the rigors of construction sites. It promises to offer a more intuitive and efficient way to visualise construction plans, by showcasing 3D holograms that seamlessly sync with BIM software.

Construction is known for its adherence to traditional methods, often leaning heavily on 2D drawings. However, as David pointed out, 2D isn’t an instinctive way for humans to look at the world. XYZ’s holographic approach, then, doesn’t just introduce a techy gimmick; it offers a more natural lens through which builders and engineers can visualise and execute projects.
David’s recounting of the company’s journey was equally inspiring. From the unexpected meeting with his co-founder, Murray Hendrickson, to their early days experimenting with prototypes with a passionate team, the story of XYZ is one of resilience, innovation, and foresight.

But innovation isn’t without hurdles. David shed light on the challenges he has faced in scaling the business, preserving company culture, and securing investments. With over £40 million raised and their latest Generation 2 headset boasting cloud connectivity, XYZ has showcased its determination to continually refine and redefine.

In speaking with David, we didn’t just discuss a company or a product. We explored a vision – a vision where the physical act of construction marries the limitless potential of augmented reality.

If you’re keen to catch a glimpse of the future of construction, be sure to tune in to the latest podcast episode with the pioneer himself!