27 April 2017 LONDON – Winton Group (Winton), a global investment management and data science company, has invested £750,000 as part of a £1.25m investment round into Exonar Limited (Exonar), a British company that is redefining how organisations can map and understand their data to minimise risk and ensure compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Amadeus Capital Partners, the global technology investor, has joined Winton and existing angels in providing investment for Exonar.

The investment will be used to expand the availability of Exonar’s next generation Information IntelligenceTM  platform in Europe.

The GDPR is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and affects any organisation that holds data on European citizens.

Compliance with the regulation requires new tools to get organisational data under control and address the challenges raised. Exonar’s platform uses a modern, big data architecture coupled with advanced search, language processing and machine learning to deliver rapid, accurate and scalable understanding of an organisation’s information, mapping where risky information and data is stored and providing a simple path to remediation.

Nick Saunders, Chief Operating Officer at Winton said, “Exonar’s approach to machine learning for intelligent classification allows businesses to understand what data is actually on their networks and protect it accordingly. We believe that a wide range of customers will be able to benefit from Exonar’s experience in tackling large complex information management problems.

Alex van Someren, Managing Partner, Early Stage Funds, Amadeus Capital Partners said, “This investment will help Exonar to expand across Europe with its timely offering, bringing much needed simplification of compliance with the EU GDPR, allowing organisations to identify if and where they hold sensitive data.”

Adrian Barrett, Exonar’s founder and CEO, said, “We are delighted to welcome Winton and Amadeus as key investors. The opportunity to help organisations comply with GDPR is extensive and it was important that we found investors with the scale and ambition to enable Exonar to maximise this opportunity.”

Further information about Exonar’s GDPR compliance solutions can be found at www.exonar.com

About Exonar
Exonar solves a problem common to all organisations and their senior information owners, “I just don’t know what data I’ve got”.

The Exonar solution maps and interprets an organisation’s data, identifying issues, reducing risk and making it more productive and secure.
Exonar has received £3.3m in investment to date from a mixture of experienced business Angels, Winton Ventures and Amadeus Capital Partners.

Visit us at www.exonar.com or follow us @Exonar.

About Winton Group
Winton is an investment management and data science company. Founded in 1997, Winton is built on the belief that it is possible to deliver superior long term returns to its clients by applying the scientific method to investing. Using advanced pattern recognition techniques and large volumes of data, Winton develops intelligent investment systems which strive to construct profitable long term investment portfolios.Today, Winton advises on over $30billion of assets for many of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, banks and fund platforms. The firm employs more than 450 people in offices around the globe including: London, Oxford, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo and Zurich.


About Amadeus Capital Partners
Amadeus Capital Partners is a global technology investor. Since 1997, the firm has backed more than 120 companies and raised over $1bn for investment.

With vast experience and a great network, Amadeus Capital’s team of investors and entrepreneurs share a passion for the transformative power of technology. We invest in consumer services, financial technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, medical technology, digital health and digital media.

Early stage investments we’ve made include genomic research data collaboration platform Repositive, massively parallel simulation platform Improbable.io, Graphcore, innovators in intelligent microprocessors, and speech recognition company VocalIQ.

To learn more visit https://amadeuscapital.com or follow us at @AmadeusCapital.