Exciting news! Series Two of the Amadeus and Friends podcast is here! Join host Nick Kingsbury and guest Kelly Richdale, Senior Advisor at SandboxAQ, as they explore quantum cryptography and the future of data security.

In this episode, Kelly shares her fascinating career journey to date, from her involvement in Meta’s groundbreaking blockchain-based cryptocurrency venture ‘Libra’ to working with Sandbox as they collaborate with governments, financial organizations, and enterprises, to assist in migrating cryptographic systems.

Kelly explains the unique aspects and challenges associated with quantum computing, shedding light on the revolutionary Shor’s algorithm and the ever-important topic of long-term data security, exploring the potential dangers posed by the ‘download now, decrypt later’ threat.

Kelly reveals when we can expect to see commercially viable quantum computers and highlights the groundbreaking work that Amadeus-backed Riverlane is doing in quantum error correction.

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