In this video, health and medical technology specialist investor Pierre Socha shares his excitement about the future of regenerative medicine with its ability to treat the biological root causes of diseases and disorders.

Hundreds of clinical trials are underway, and regulators are right behind the clinicians and pharma companies leading the research, with the FDA and European regulators putting in place faster pathways for approval.

The first applications were in oncology but now treatments in diabetes, cardiovascular issues, strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are benefitting from novel research programmes entering the clinic.

Big pharma is partnering with startups to diversify their pipeline and relatively young companies have been able to secure substantial licencing payments. Many of these are now listed companies. Therein lies the opportunity for investors, as there is a clear route to exit for a successful investment.

One challenge to growth is the logistical bottleneck that exists in manufacturing and delivery. Truly personalised treatment is not what pharma was built around, where production plans are based on a one-size-fits-all approach. These issues not only push up cost, they also result in patients having to waste weeks waiting for life-saving treatments based.

That’s why Amadeus has backed Ori Biotech, a company with a mission to crack this problem. They have built a compact, versatile, modular platform for manufacturing cell and gene therapies. When people look at regenerative medicine and cellular research in general, they get excited by the biology, which is fundamental, but what Amadeus has seen with Ori is that it’s also essential to consider how to get that exciting science into the market. Ori is an example of a platform that can get novel therapies to patients more effectively.

There is a new generation of products that allow us to create entirely new organisms. These will have applications in medicine, in industrial processes, in cleantech and industry, far beyond life sciences. Amadeus is excited about the potential of these new technologies and the teams behind them.