Ori Biotech is a leader in cell and gene therapy manufacturing technologies, partnering with research and therapy development teams to both develop and bring their lifesaving therapies to market at commercial scale.

With an opportunity ahead to help 10 million people a year diagnosed with cancer, Jason explains how he was inspired to join Ori and help translate an early-stage concept into an actionable industry prototype, and proceed to commercialisation.

He describes the three pillars of Ori’s unique approach based on proprietary hardware engineering, biology and data sciences that enable flexible process discovery with seamless transition to scalable commercialisation. Jason also discusses the challenge of building a team in the competitive fields of cell and gene therapy and data sciences, and the roadmap from first-generation product to full stack, automated and decentralized manufacturing. Investors have shown real appetite for healthcare and healthtech following the pandemic, and Jason has seen record investment into the field. They are a team on an urgent mission to build so that therapies can reach patients.

Ori Biotech is driven by the opportunity to help patients experience more of life’s precious moments.