Genetic science and the creation of large genomic databases have opened up the possibilities for personalised medicine as never before. Amadeus has been investing in this space since the early days, when in 2001 we backed Solexa (now Illumina), the market leader in genetic testing equipment. Solexa’s low-cost technology was fundamental in enabling the development of new applications and has utterly transformed the healthcare sector. But as the number of start-ups and investors increase exponentially, how do we find the diamonds in the rough?

Igenomix is a great example. A truly pioneering company, it’s taken a lead position in an emerging sector – reproductive genetics – that’s bringing new hope to families struggling to conceive. When we invested in Igenomix in 2016, the team had a clear vision for where they wanted to take the business with a strong product pipeline in place to support it. That’s what made them stand out. EQT’s decision to acquire (see the press release here) shows they’re delivering on that vision.

18 years on from our first foray, Amadeus is just as excited about the investment opportunities in genomics. With companies such as Congenica, Repositive, Healx, Genetrainer and Synthace in our portfolio, we’re embedded in this sector’s commercial and research networks and are witnessing breakthroughs on an almost daily basis.

Watch this space for more activity from Amadeus in the genomics area, in both start-ups and growth stage companies, and, in the meantime, congratulations to Carlos, David and the whole team at Igenomix!