• Brytlyt’s serverless analytics process provides instant visual data analysis 1,000x faster than comparable legacy systems
• Founder pioneered use of Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) for processing database operations and data science workflows
• Recently launched Brytlyt.io, a fully serverless deployment model for GPU-accelerated analytics and data science workloads
• Patented and IP protected technology provides unmatched analytics speed
• The technology is already being used to drive sustainability, efficiency, and profitability in sectors such as telecommunications, genomics, logistics, healthcare and financial services.

London, UK, 22 December 2021Brytlyt, provider of the world’s fastest data analytics and visualisation technology, has raised a $5 million Series A extension from AlbionVC and existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners and Finch Capital. The new funding will be used to expand Brytlyt’s growth across Europe and USA with both recruitment and deployment of new products a key focus.

The investment marks the release of Brytlyt.io, a fully serverless deployment model for analytics and data science workloads. This unique capability comes at a time when the data analysis sector is forecast to be worth more than $75 billion by 2024, covering applications in AI and Business Intelligence (Morgan Stanley, 2021).

Until now, sectors with billion-row data sets such as telcos, retail and finance, have struggled to use their data to gain insights into company performance and improve customer experience and retention.

Brytlyt was founded after husband-and-wife duo, Richard and Maria Heyns, experienced how critical analytics issues drastically slowed processes and time-to-insight at other companies. Brytlyt, built on PostgreSQL, was developed to accelerate query times and processes to the speed-of-thought, whilst maintaining a clear strategy for real-world application and accessibility, allowing for swift integration into a business’s day-to-day processes while utilising existing skillsets.

Brytlyt simplifies speed-of-thought analytics with the next evolution of serverless technology, reducing the need for data pipelines or compromised analysis because of data aggregation. Brytlyt’s accelerated analytics platform allows businesses, including Accenture and GBM, to interactively explore and interpret complex data sets composed of millions through to billions of data sample points. As a direct result of the ultrahigh speed data processing capacity, organisations can rapidly increase their competitiveness and revenue.

Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt, commented:. “The success of this investment is a ringing endorsement of Brytlyt and our trajectory, and will give us the resources to drive our strategic growth. The launch of Brytlyt.io delivers a unique way to access high performance analytics tooling and is a genuine catalyst for positive disruption in data analytics. I believe the data analysis marketplace is at an inflection point with Brytlyt a leading contributor.

“We are very proud that earlier investment partners Amadeus and Finch are now partnered with AlbionVC. Their combined support gives us confidence to achieve our strategic growth objectives,” concluded Heyns.
Cat McDonald, Investor at AlbionVC, said: “Organisations that can extract insights from big data in a timely manner will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our investment in brytlytBrytlyt.io is in firm support of that thesis. We are therefore delighted to welcome Brytlyt.io, and visionary founder Richard, into our growing portfolio of cutting-edge data companies that includes Quantexa, Solidatus, Elliptic and more.”

Nick Kingsbury, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners, saidadded: “Since our initial investment, the company has continued to win customers and innovate. The latest product, Brytlyt.io, offers world-beating performance with corresponding lower compute cost for data intensive analytics applications, provided on a pay-per-use basis.”

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About Brytlyt
Brytlyt’s vision is to empower the transformation of data into meaningful insight at the speed of thought.

As market leader, Brytlyt is on a mission to innovate next-generation data solutions that are powerful, brilliant to use and easy to access for people to solve tough analytics problems

Brytlyt’s product suite includes the fastest and most advanced GPU accelerated database in the world, with in-database AI capability and a comprehensive analytics workbench. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to accelerate your analytic workloads and empower speed of thought analytics on billion-row datasets.

We work with global clients in a range of sectors including Telecoms and Transport, and have partnerships with leading companies, including TIBCO Spotfire, Nvidia, and IBM.

The serverless Brytlyt.io combines our product suite of BrytlytDB, Spotlyt and BrytMind and can handle complex queries on billions of rows of data, delivering results in milliseconds in the form of user-friendly graphics, maps and charts. With faster, clearer visual analysis, customers can interpret their end-users’ behaviour in essential areas such as fraud prevention, attracting and retaining customers, network performance optimisation and risk management, supporting better decision-making and improved outcomes.