Amadeus portfolio company, GlySure Ltd., based in Oxfordshire, UK, has presented the initial successful results of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) trials of its new glucose monitoring technology. The results, presented at the international Healthios Healthcare Investment Conference in Utah, USA, attracted considerable interest in a technology that could offer substantial improvements in the treatment of patients in intensive care.

The GlySure system utilises a proprietary fluorescent chemistry, immobilised on a fibre-optic sensor, to provide highly accurate glucose monitoring in critical care. The company was founded in response to strong clinical demand for improved technology to implement Tight Glycemic Control in ICUs. Preliminary results show the ability accurately to monitor glucose levels in patients from admission through to discharge in cardiac ICU, without any need for recalibration.

Amadeus invested in GlySure in 2006, but the company has been in ‘stealth mode’ while it developed its technology to first testing stage. A further round of investment is expected this year, to enable the company to complete ICU trials and file for regulatory approvals.

“Testing in our first ICU patients has confirmed the positive results that we have seen in our in vitro and in vivo testing throughout the development of this product,” said Barry Crane, GlySure’s Chief Technology Officer. “In addition to demonstrating long-term performance, we were able to confirm the simplicity and ease-of-use of our product – both essential aspects for ICU professionals. Clinicians learned how to use the device quickly and were consistently able to set up the system and begin monitoring in less than five minutes.”

“A 2001 study* showed that implementation of Tight Glycemic Control (TGC) could achieve 34% reduction in the mortality of cardiac ICU patients. However, the time and effort currently required to measure and control blood glucose frequently and accurately, through the finger stick and blood draw systems in use today, is a major obstacle to achieving any reduction in mortality rates,” says CEO, Chris Jones. “GlySure’s test results demonstrate that we are on track to provide clinicians with an accurate, continuous and simple glucose monitoring system that will offer easy and low-cost TGC in intensive care.” 

Amadeus CEO, Anne Glover, added: “We are delighted that an early stage investment in GlySure has enabled the company to develop its ground-breaking technology and, now in a premier global healthcare forum, to prove its concept that could offer radical improvement in ICU care. We will continue to support GlySure as it completes its ICU trials and files for regulatory approvals next year.”

* Intensive Insulin Therapy in Critically Ill Patients, Van den Berghe et al., New England Journal of Medicine

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