Established in 2014 as a social enterprise, Repositive is a technology company which has at its core a mission to increase discovery, access and sharing of genomic research data for the benefit of patients.

Repositive has created a public community and marketplace platform which catalogues over 1 million genomic research data sets and has a user base of academic and industry researchers from 90+ countries.

In 2017, the team initiated a collaboration with leading biopharma and CROs to launch the Repositive Cancer Models Platform to act as a broker of proprietary data and a network for oncology researchers.  The Repositive Cancer Models Platform is the only one of its kind, being both globally accessible (not restricted to academics only or individual vendors) and searchable down to specific genomic characteristics. It caters for industry’s needs, such as privacy, security and IP protection, and oncology researchers can identify particular cancer models that optimally represent specific cancer types and targeted patient sub-populations – supporting better and faster research and development of cancer therapies.

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